What am I doing?

I’m drawing life as a mass interconnectedness that surpasses our conscious understanding. Foreground background mingled. Corpuscles, DNA, chains, connections, knots, nebulae, oozing, growing, alluding to infinite in being time and form.

My art plays on the microscopic and macroscopic relationship: cells to a body, stars to a universe, sand to a beach, human relationships to a civilization. Big picture and minute details as one and how they transform over time. The work is the repetition of objects and actions communicated in marks symbolizing the quotidian and the act of being.

It has previously found form in string, wax, wire, cloth, wood, branches, hair, paint, ink… Further I question the relationship of boundaries and “opposites”. How different, if at all, are abstract/realistic, micro/macro, infinitesimal/infinite, past/future, life/death, drawing/painting/sculpture? I am drawing on the tension that exists in our inability to make concrete that which is unknown.