Raised in Connecticut I went to university at Brandeis in Massachusetts where I studied Fine Arts. Upon graduation in 1991 I took a flight to London and have been in Europe ever since. From 1992-1993, after a good deal of exploring, I based myself in Prague. I then relocated to Paris where I presently live making art and raising my kids.

If you care to know more…

I focused on oil painting at school but restructured my way of working when nomadic in Europe. I put more emphasis on collage and drawing, while making site specific sculpture. Having hitchhiked across Britain, France and Germany, being confined to a two dimensional rectangle did not suit me at that time. When I found a more sedentary locale (i.e. eight months in a Czech villa) I made larger sculptures from such materials as wood and drying fruit. A trip, late in 1993, to the Venice Biennale, then hitchhiking up and down Italy, inspired me to move back to the West.
In 1994 I left Prague for Paris.
Upon moving to Paris I focused on sculpture: materializing threaded spider webs, suspended paper chains, wire DNA links, cloth blocks, enlarged coccoons, dangling cloth sausages, hair and wax creatures… among others. Everywhere there were knots, knots and chains interconnecting people and places. During this period I hitchhiked to Portugal to see the Algarve cliffs and discovered an amazing boulder field outside of Madrid, which still influences my work. As do the stalactite caves I visited in southern France. Each represents the aesthetic personification of time, which is important in my work.
In 2001 I had my my first child and when I returned to the studio in early 2002 I began a series of drawings, still lives of cloth sculptures bundled in a watercolor jelly.
These were followed by a series of larger pieces in 2004, also on paper, that erupted and spewed intestinal DNA innards across the roll of paper. More visual knots and chains interconnecting people places ideas and time, representing life and our relations. The specific visual vocabulary beginning in 2004 is the one I continue to use within 2 dimensional frameworks.